Pet Tags

Chelsea Animal Hospital now offers in house pet tag engraving. We have over 6 styles and 10 colors to choose from. We can also engrave on both sides with over 5 different fonts. You can now have all of your rabies information on the tag of your choice. Also, try our new QR tags. With these tags you can scan the tags with any smartphone and create your pet’s webpage for easy locating.

Royal Canin Food

We are proud to offer Royal Canin pet food with specialized diets to meet the specific needs of your dog or cat. Royal Canin is exclusive for Veterinarians and provides the best nutrients for your pets. There are a variety of diets that fit your pet. Some of the diets consist of diabetic, intestinal, skin support and mobility. Ask our staff to help get your pet on the proper diet.

Flea and Tick

Chelsea Animal Hospital offers all of the best flea and tick medications on the market. Whether you are looking for a pill, a topical or one of the flea and tick collars, we have everything you need. Some of the most popular products are the new Scalibor collars for up to 6 months protection from fleas and ticks. Don’t forget about Comfortis, which is the once a month flea pill that has been proven to be very effective.

Heartworm Medications

Make sure your pet is always given there monthly heartworm medication to prevent heartworms. We carry a variety of heartworm medications like the chewable treat Heartgard Plus, the topical Advantage Multi, and the pill Trifexis. We also carry many great feline heartworm preventions like Revolution. Ask our staff to assist you with choosing the proper heartworm medication for your pet.

Non-Steroidal Anti-Inflamatories

If your pet is struggling with types of pain or inflammation, we carry a fully stocked pharmacy with different types of medications. Some of the top recommended are Previcox and Rimadyl which help your pets in times of pain.

Pet Accessories

Chelsea Animal Hospital currently carry Lupine collars, leashes and harnesses that have a lifetime warranty. There are over 8 different styles and colors to choose from and we can special order ones if needed. We also have many different types of bark control collars with ultrasonic and static technology. Ask us about any other special products like pet beds and water bowls that can be ordered.

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